International Tutu Day

Celebrated each year on 2nd February (2-2), World Tutu Day originated in Australia in 2014 by the Australian Ballet School as a worldwide fundraising initiative to support ballet education for aspiring ballerinas.

History of the Tutu
2022 is the year we commemorate 190 years of the first tutu. The tutu is crafted from finely pleated tulle layers and is an everlasting piece in ballet costume design. It has also firmly positioned itself as an elegant and iconic piece of female fashion.

Ballet forever changed in 1832, when celebrated Swedish dancer Marie Taglioni debuted a revolutionary new costume for her lead in the premiere of ballet La Sylphide in Paris.

Designed by Eugène Lami, it consisted of a tighter fitting bodice and a shorter skirt showing her ankles. The audience was stunned and enthralled, as this was scandalous for its time but defined the ballet tutu as we know it today.

Over time tutu skirt lengths continued to change, and they became an integral part of the storytelling. There are now two basic styles: Romantic - a longer tutu with the skirt length between the knee & the ankle; and Classical - introduced during the 1880s, which is a much shorter skirt. Variations of the classic style include pancake, platter, bell & powder-puff. 


My love of dancing
My love of dance commenced in the early 1980s. The weekly Friday night classes of hip hop and tap dancing were enjoyable and the friendships made were ever so special. Dancing was the epitome of joy. I loved the feeling of freely expressing myself to all genres of music. It was a childhood dream to dance every day and choreograph stage shows.

I wanted so much to be a ballerina, often attending to observe my friend's ballet classes, but joining in for fun. But, as much as I dreamt about the graceful & floating pirouettes & jetés, they couldn't replace the funky groove of the jazz beats in my heart and feet, and it was jazz & tap dancing for life.

It's been 30 years since I stopped dancing, and I fondly remember my dance teachers. Their continued belief in me, together with their support & nurturing, helped shape the person I am today. It was a special time in my life and one that I will always treasure.

Ballerina Handmade Dolls
Since 2013, Upper Dhali® has created ballerina dolls for clients worldwide. 2022 sees a new, redesigned ballerina doll in the anticipated Signature Edition from April 2022.

To celebrate World Tutu Day in 2022, I have created a special ballerina doll - a mini replica of Marie Taglioni in the title role from La Sylphide.

She features a billowing ivory romantic style tutu adorned with vintage blue ribbon and peach blossoms, gold Swarovski crystals, lace adornments, together with delicate handcrafted fairy wings.

Available to purchase on my next weekly release - Friday 4th February 2022 - sign up to the newsletter to receive the shopping link for your chance to purchase via the pre-release.

I sincerely hope you love her as much as I do! It was an absolute pleasure to recreate a piece of history with an Upper Dhali® twist.

Until next time, love & blessings, 

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  • Shelly

    I can’t wait to see this doll 🤩 I never knew any of this info, thank you for sharing!

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