Uniquely Yours

“Imagine a keepsake doll that reflects someone special, or a wonderful moment in time. One that brings a warm sentimental feeling, that lovely sense of nostalgia”.

Offering a unique & refined experience, the Upper Dhali® "Uniquely Yours" bespoke service is your chance to collaborate with Lou directly to design your own exclusive piece of Upper Dhali® magic.

Each handmade keepsake doll is individually designed and created to look just like you or your special someone.

Intricately detailed, I take the time to replicate clothing and detail as authentically as possible, the smallest design details are not overlooked. Each handmade doll is a unique and luxurious heirloom quality piece of art created especially for you - a one of a kind heirloom keepsake to be treasured for future.

Each moment with each stitch, every doll is a true heartfelt creation. Being an energy based intuitive artist, I am connected to them as emotionally as I am to them physically and I immerse myself into the energies of you & your stories.

* * *

Each Uniquely Yours bespoke doll includes a doll stand and personalised keepsake box.