Bespoke Doll Service

For your opportunity to work closely with Lou to create a timeless & personalised keepsake.

The Upper Dhali Bespoke Service - your own piece of magic.

Being an energy based artist, I passionately immerse myself into the vibration energies of you & your stories. I sometimes feel spiritual presences around me whilst I work on bespoke dolls, especially if there is a story to tell. Many times I am emotionally and physically exhausted after creating these beautiful dolls, however, these are my treasured keepsakes to create.

After years of perfecting my craft and understanding what kind of dolls nurture my soul, it's important for me to know that you have an emotional connection to your bespoke doll. Unlike my other keepsakes dolls, my bespoke dolls are not created on a production line. Each moment, with each stitch, I am fully invested in your creation. Each doll is a heartfelt creation - I am connected to them as emotionally as I am to them physically.

The highest quality materials and embellishments are used in the creation of these keepsakes. Think fine imported Chantilly laces, sparkling Swarovski crystals, beautiful & soft realistic hair and customised hand embellished fabrics. A luxurious heirloom quality keepsake to be adored through the generations.....

* Please note - Bespoke Doll Services are booked out until June 2018 *

Uniquely Yours Keepsake - $650

A reflection of a person & clothing style from your treasured photos. A beautiful personalised miniature doll of yourself or someone special in celebration of a moment.

The Uniquely Yours bespoke dolls are a personalised & sentimental keepsake doll designed to replicate you in miniature.

Incorporating your unique features of hair, eye & skin colour, your "mini me" doll will be dressed in a miniature replica outfit of your special occasion or celebration.

An authentic recreation is an important element for these dolls, I invite you to send to me items of clothing or fabric you wish for me to use for this creation. Alternatively, as fabric & accessory matching is important, I can also source identical, or as close as possible, to ensure the perfect finish.


Heritage Keepsake - $750

A celebration of your heritage and culture, thoroughly researched & authentically presented. This is the ultimate family heirloom. 

The Heritage bespoke dolls are personally designed for you & customised to reflect your families personal heritage & traditional dress.

Thoroughly researched to ensure authenticity, your Heritage Keepsake Doll is a quintessential family heirloom for generations to come. The ultimate celebration of your heritage, the perfect keepsake who tells your story.

Incorporating your unique features of hair, eye & skin colour, you will work alongside Lou to design miniature replica traditional dress from either a detailed design board or photos provided.

As authentic recreation is an important element for these dolls, I will source identical, or close to, fabrics, embellishments & accessories to ensure a perfect finish. 


Sentimental Heirloom - $800

A soulful keepsake blending the essence of a person together with your personal memory tokens.

The Sentimental Heirloom bespoke dolls are a personalised keepsake doll designed to encapsulate your memories and symbolic tokens of a person, rather than one of physical appearance. This keepsake is a story teller with a spiritual essence.....

During our confidential design consultation, you are invited to share with me your fondest memories & moments of your special person, together with any loving tokens that symbolise or evoke reminiscing. 

I incorporate these emotional connections together with their physical attributes, if you choose, to create you a keepsake that embodies your special person, without necessarily looking like a miniature replica. 

Special fabrics & accessories are welcome components to be added into this creation, but are not necessary. 


Miniature Bespoke Service - pricing starts at $450

Throughout the year, limited placements are available to order a Miniature Bespoke Doll - you can choose from Uniquely Yours Bespoke Doll, Mermaid, Fairy or Angel. 


Complimentary Consultation

You would love a personalised creation but not sure which service best suits your needs?  I am more than happy to chat with you about your design. Click here to book your appointment today