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Upper Dhali keepsake dolls are like sisters - the same, but different. No two are identical - they are uniquely yours....."

I absolutely ADORE creating these beauties for my customers. When you are asked to capture the essence of a person and memories within, honestly, I can't begin to explain into words how beautiful this is for me. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about how special these dolls are to me.

To be asked to create dolls with such emotion and stories behind them, it's an absolute honor. The process of creating these dolls is an extremely emotional process, the need to get these right & absolutely perfect, without missing any little piece of  information with importance, is imperative to me. Each one is filled with the greatest amount of loving energy from me. It is always so lovely to hear from my clients also, that they feel this when they open their parcel for the first time xx

 To love what you do and be able to share it with others is such a blessing xx

Love & light,
Louise x

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