Handmade Keepsake Doll Care Instructions

To ensure your Upper Dhali® keepsake dolls are kept in optimal condition, please note the following:

Signature Edition
Upper Dhali®
 Signature Edition handmade dolls are décor keepsake mementos & textile art displays only.

•  Unboxing on receipt is highly recommended.
•  These handmade keepsake dolls are NOT toys & are recommended for children over 7 years.
•  Avoid direct exposure to sunlight to ensure no fading occurs.
•  Dust gently.

Materials used in the creation of all Upper Dhali® handmade dolls are all new, unless otherwise stated or provided by the customer. All clothing and embellishments will be hand sewn and permanently secured to each doll, unless otherwise advised by Upper Dhali®.

Please ensure you take care when handling your Upper Dhali® handmade doll. No responsibility or liability will be accepted for any damage or injury arising from, or relating to, any misuse or mishandling of all Upper Dhali® products.

Should you doll unfortunately incur damage at any stage, please do not hesitate to contact Lou to arrange a doll restoration xx