Uniquely Yours Bespoke Service

For your EXCLUSIVE piece of Upper Dhali® magic!

Internationally revered, Lou has been working her magic to design and create timelessly beautiful "Uniquely Yours" personalised keepsake dolls for clients worldwide since 2013.

"The attention to detail in replicating your loved ones, desire for perfection and the love & respect for her clients is a testament to Lou's creative talents" 


Each sentimental keepsake doll is individually designed and created. Each moment with each stitch, every doll is a true heartfelt creation. I am connected to them as emotionally as I am to them physically.

Being an energy-based artist, I immerse myself into the vibrational energies of you & your stories. During the creative process of many bespoke commissions, I have felt spiritual presences around me whilst I work. I welcome and nurture these moments, allowing the guidance I receive during these times.

Intricately detailed and designed to look just like you, I take the time to replicate clothing and detail as authentically as possible, the smallest design details are not overlooked. Each handmade doll is a unique and luxurious heirloom quality piece of art created exclusively for you - a one of a kind heirloom keepsake to be treasured for generations to come. 

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