{ Happy New Year - 2019 }

I just LOVE the fresh feels that a new year brings.

Only a few short years ago I looked forward to New Years Eve with excitement - a night off from the world to have fun with friends, dancing & drinking the night away. Those days are LONG GONE and I now choose to end my year in reflection and to start the new year filled with excitement watching the sun rise over my favorite part of the ocean.

I am so grateful that I live close enough to this magical part of the world where I can recharge and reconnect - there is really nothing better than sand between your toes and being revitalised by the salty air. Bribie Island is just so beautifully perfect.

I'm really not too sure what I thought about 2018 to be honest. The years leading up to 2018 were my most emotionally challenging ever and all I had asked the universe for was some time to recuperate from those. Unfortunately the universe DIDN'T provide and threw just a few more curve balls in - clearly just to keep me on my toes!

Looking back I guess 2018 was a learning year about MYSELF more than anything. I do believe that being so unwell with the chest infection/pneumonia/blood pressure problems leading up to Christmas was my body's way of telling me to just stop. If only I had listened sooner...

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Changes in 2019

In turn, with all of that learning, I now see Upper Dhali® different for the future.

A regular blog! I've always loved the idea of a blog, but with low interaction on social media, which in turn causes self doubt in putting my words out there, I felt it wasn't something people were interested in from Upper Dhali®. 2019 is different though, so for different, I need to be different, including my thoughts. It's like a bit of "here goes nothing". I'm committing to 52 blog posts this year, one each week. Hopefully we will both be pleasantly surprised! 

I absolutely LOVE designing and creating for you all, I just adore all of my customers (especially your stories and connecting with you so deeply - it's an honor to know you lovely souls xx), however, it became very clear that as I wasn't receiving any down time to recharge in between custom orders, I wasn't actively being the best version of myself. Myself and my CUSTOMERS deserve so much better than that xx

In light of this, I have made some changes to the availability of my dolls. As the regular releases of ready made dolls went so well prior to Christmas, this will continue from mid January. For those wanting custom & bespoke dolls, limited bookings will open on 1st each month from February 2019.

Three NEW doll types will be introduced under the Upper Dhali® banner in 2019. These too are beautiful keepsake dolls of a sentimental nature - they are all so different, so there will be something for everyone. One to display, one to play, one to cuddle & one to remember. I'm so excited, & I hope you will be too xx

Each new type will be released separately, with dates being announced via my newsletter.

* * * * * * * * * * 

I'm "technically" still meant to be on holidays, but secretly, I'm pottering around the studio finishing some outstanding tasks before I re-open on 10th January. If you have read this far, I will reward your curiosity & attention (haha!) with prior notice that a "secret" one of a kind, ready to post doll will be available at 9am on that day too.

Wishing you all a wonderful & safe 2019

Love & best wishes from me to you xx

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  • Kat

    Lovely dolls: quite obviously, these are works of art and works of the heart! I will be reading your posts. I trust this will be a healing year for you.

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