Young girl wearing white tutu du monde sequin dress holding a handmade tinkerbell green fairy dollBrunette young girl wearing white tutu du monde sequin dress holding ahandmade fairy doll wearing a green dress made by Upper Dhali
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Australia's leading brand since 2013
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Handmade doll wearing a blue dollcake dress long hair blue flowers in hair minime doll by Upper Dhali
Imagine a keepsake doll that reflects someone special. One that brings a warm sentimental feeling and a lovely sense of nostalgia. One that is Uniquely Yours.
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Handmade mermaid dolls in pastel rainbow colours with curly hair and mermaid crowns by Upper Dhali
One of a kind decor dolls have been a favorite of all ages, and collected by customers from around the world.
Each one created with imagination and inspired by childhood.
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Brunette young girl wearing white tutu du monde sequin dress holding ahandmade fairy doll wearing a green dress made by Upper Dhali
Handmade doll with pink curly hair blue eyes and vintage champagne cream tulle and lace dress by Upper Dhali
The Upper Dhali® difference

I promise that I will provide exceptional standards with genuine and heartfelt service, together with quality craftsmanship and unique, original design.

You can trust that each keepsake doll is individually & ethically handcrafted, right here in Australia, to an exceptional level of quality that you deserve.

In fact, I guarantee it.

Who is Upper Dhali®?

Hello Gorgeous! I'm Lou Peters - creator, designer & owner of Upper Dhali®. It's no secret that I'm obsessed with making dolls. Giving life to memories and celebrating the moments - it's personal. It's intimate. And it's an honor to be chosen by my client.

Kick off your shoes (we don't wear those around here!), and come into my happy place! Let me share my story about how a simple nursery rhyme, the innocence of childhood and a moment of personal grieving began the NEW GENERATION of sentimental keepsake dolls that is Upper Dhali®

collage of beautiful handmade dolls with embroidered eyes in rainbow pastel colours by Upper Dhali
Bespoke Service Consultation
I know what a sentimental keepsake means to you and your loved ones.
They celebrate your special someone; your special moments.
They become treasured family heirlooms.

I make nostalgic moments for you to hold.
Every doll is intricately created ensuring the smallest of detail isn't forgotten.
And best of all, they are made with love, exclusively for you.

I'd love to talk with you over a cuppa (or wine!).
Book in for your complimentary consultation today.
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