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The Story

Why the name Upper Dhali?

The Upper Dhali story began when I would listen to my beautiful daughter when she was a little girl, singing "Upper Dhali in da guy" instead of "up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky” - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

It was our favorite song, & with our warmhearted memories, it was always going to be a heartfelt phrase that stayed within the family forever.

Then, when our beloved Nana passed away in May 2012, I carefully explained the happenings of death and how we would remember our Nana.
We decided she was in heaven and was creating rainbows during the day and dancing with the stars at night.

The name "Upper Dhali" was a perfect fit.

Born collectively through three generations of women in my family, the name "Upper Dhali" is now about memories, emotion and sentiment xx


The Woman behind Upper Dhali

I have always been creative, but a sewing machine & I never did hit it off that well!

When I was growing up, I was surrounded by my Mother, Nana & Aunties who all made clothing, were amazing at knitting and were immersed with the crafty gene too. No escaping it, it was in my blood!

I first ventured into doll making in March 2012 and set out to make a delightful vintage inspired felt doll for my Nana for Mothers Day. It took weeks and an epic amount of time to finish, but I was determined to challenge myself to create something unique and something from the heart. Unfortunately she passed away before seeing her, but the joy of doll making had started.


In October 2013, after eighteen months of grieving the passing of my beloved Nana, I decided to spend my time doing more of what I loved, more of what me made feel HAPPY. In turn, I quit bookkeeping, created a makeshift studio in my house & started creating dolls.

The process has taught me so much about myself and Upper Dhali has brought me together with some amazing people and wonderful opportunities. I am so grateful that the journey so far has been one of learning, acceptance and understanding, all whilst improving my skills and becoming more in tune to the person I was destined to be.

* * * * *

I am now so lucky to be living my dream - one that I didn't know I had, but one that feels so RIGHT.

I spend my days mindfully creating, listening to music that nourishes my soul, inhaling the healing aroma of essential oils and being able to practice a natural gift that is spiritual energy channeling.

Until recently, I wasn't aware of what I was feeling when I created even had a name, let alone start to be able to describe it to anyone. Thankfully I met with some wonderful people who have helped guide me & I am extremely honoured to be working with a world renowned Psychic Medium in 2017 to teach me how to effectively utilise my spiritual mediumship skills.

I am truly thankful that I was blessed with such an beautiful outcome from a situation that left me so broken. I love that this journey found me as it's everything perfect for me. I was guided to do this as my hands are as important as hers were xx

I look forward to meeting and working with you xx

Louise xxx