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Online shopping....
it’s a wonderful invention, has allowed me to be in business, however can sometimes be fraught with fraud and safety issues.

Unfortunately before Christmas, I had some customer parcels go missing which were eventually deemed stolen by Australia Post. Thankfully this doesn’t happen often, however when it does, I am personally devastated for both myself and my customer. When situations like this happen, it leads me to ask questions and research how best I can improve my service to ensure a safer shopping experience for my customer..

Parcel Insurance & Signature on Delivery
As my customers already know, my parcels are sent with upgraded extras included in the flat fee postage fee I charge. Signature on Delivery & Insurance gives peace of mind that your items are trackable and are financially covered for the cost of replacement.

24/7 Free Parcel Lockers
Given my recent experiences of stolen & missing customer parcels, I looked further into a service offered by Australia Post for Australian customers called Parcel Lockers.

These are a free option for you to use, rather than paying an annual fee for a Post Office Box. Many of my customers use them and have reported back of their positive experiences, so I tested the service out myself and have nothing but praise for how easy it was to use. You can access them 24/7, and there are many locations around Australia where these are offered.

I strongly recommend my customers use this service if it is available to them, especially if they don’t have a business or post office box address to have their keepsakes sent to. Eliminate a delivery driver = one less step in online shopping safety concerns. For more information, click HERE to read about this on the Australia Post website.

Credit Card Fraud Prevention
Some of my customers would have seen the extra security measure I have implemented at checkout for Credit Card payments if not electronically stored eg: via ApplePay etc. This is called 3D Secure authentication and it requires my customers to verify their identity with their bank at checkout before they can complete their purchase on my website. It’s a completely secure service which is only between you and your bank – saves you from credit card fraud, and saves me from fraudulent orders. It’s a win win.


Returns Policy
I have a very clear Returns Policy publicly available on my website. You can read it HERE.

For more information on how to protect yourself online, and not just for shopping, please visit

If you have any other suggestions for keeping safe whilst shopping online, please share them below as a comment and I will update the information in my post.

Until next time, love & blessings,

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